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Becoming a police officer in Wyoming is a great way to make a decent living and serve your community, but first, you have to complete police academy training. Basic training is required for all recruits and entry-level cadets and Wyoming only allows employed officers to enter police academies in the state. That means that to enroll in police academy training, you need to get hired first. As of 2012, there are around 1,250 police officers working across Wyoming and this small force only allows a certain number of new recruits to join each year. The best way to better your chances for employment as a peace officer is to spend some time volunteering with a local police department or 9-1-1 dispatcher. This way, you can get to know the job of a cop and meet some of the local law enforcement professionals.

Law Enforcement Training Qualifications

All police officers in Wyoming must be at least 18 years old, be a U.S. citizen, and hold a high school diploma or GED. It is necessary to have your driver’s license as well. At the start of the application process, it will be necessary to complete a written test on police protocol and civil rights. Once this test is passed, the hiring police department will request a long list of background documentation. The forms will include medical history, psychological profile, criminal background and financial records. If a candidate has any health complications that may prevent them from completing training or perform their regular duties as a cop, they will be rejected from the force. Psychological profiles should indicate soundness of mind and reasonable decision making. If any applicant has a felony on record or serious misdemeanors like domestic violence or drug-abuse, they will not be admitted into basic training. The financial records are important to evaluate the social responsibility of each candidate. Bad credit scores and large outstanding debts suggest the possibility of a conflict of interest, where officers may be tempted to abuse their power for personal gain. Additionally, oral interviews and character testimonials (e.g. spousal interviews) may be used to evaluate the personality and moral standings of each applicant. Once all the information has been processed and approved, the new cadet can be employed as a police officer and begin training.

Popular Police Academies

The choices for police academies in Wyoming are limited. To become a municipal police officer with a local police department, you should complete your basic training at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas. This academy serves all the recruits and licensed officers throughout the state. To become a highway patrol officer or state trooper, you should complete your basic training at the Wyoming Highway Patrol Training Academy in Cheyenne. State troopers have a state-wide jurisdiction and handle ticketing and traffic regulation on interstates and highways. Consider both options for a better chance of making it through the selection process.

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