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Police Academy: Police Training in Wisconsin

There are over 12,000 police officers working throughout Wisconsin and all of them had to complete basic training at a police academy before they could serve their communities. Police academy training is crucial to the force because it gives cadets the experience, technical skills, and critical thinking abilities that are invaluable to good police work. There are two main ways to attend basic training: at a community college or with sponsorship from a police department in the state. To get a spot on the police force, you will have to demonstrate your ability to work hard, your determination, and an understanding of the communities you serve. Training is long and the job of a cop can be one of the most dangerous in the country. Only the cream of the crop can join the force, so be prepared to lay it all on the line during training.

Police Academy Training Qualifications

The basic requirements for police officers in Wisconsin are that they must be at least 21 years old, be a United States citizen, have completed high school or a GED, and hold a driver’s license for two years prior to service. New recruits will first take a written test to determine their understanding of police protocol and civil rights. After passing this test, the applicant will be thoroughly screened by the academy admissions board. Background checks are required to determine medical histories, psychological profiles, criminal records, and financial responsibility. If a cadet has any physical or mental conditions that prevent them from adequately performing police duties, they will be denied from training. If a cadet has any history of felony or domestic violence, they will be denied from training. If a cadet has a significantly bad credit score or large debts to their name, they may be turned away from basic training. Once an applicant has been approved by the academy, they must pass rigorous physical trials to continue with basic training.

Top Police Academies

There are dozens of options for Wisconsin police academies. Many people choose to pay for their own training at a community college. The most popular police academies at community colleges are the Milwaukee Area Technical College, the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Police Academy in Green Bay, and the Madison Area Technical College. If you want to complete your training at a police department’s academy, you must first obtain an offer of employment from that department. The most popular police academies for municipal police departments include the Madison Police Academy and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Academy, based in Madison and Milwaukee, respectively. For training as a state trooper, applicants should contact the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy in Fort McCoy. State troopers have a different jurisdiction than municipal police and must complete a separate training program.

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