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Technical Police Training

When most people think about attending police academies, they only consider the physical aspect of it all. Most people don’t know about it, but there is a lot of technical training that goes into a being a police officer.

A police officer must be proficient on a computer. The average police officer needs to be able to type about 35 words per minutes, police officers do a lot of typing on the job filling out police reports and imputing notes. You also need to be proficient on the use of internet and databases to search things such as criminal databases and looking up local ordinances. You need to already be in possession of the basic skills but you will learn the rest of these skills while in attendance of the police academy.

You will be trained on the use of radar and dashboard camera. Like it or not a major part of a law enforcement officers career is spent enforcing state and local traffic regulations where the use of radar will come in handy. You will learn how to properly calibrate and operate the radar machine. Any one who has ever watched television knows about the police dashboard camera. A dashboard camera has more than once saved a police offers career, recording an accurate depiction of what really happens when it becomes a case of the officers word against the word of a citizen. Learning the operation of these two pieces of technology will be integral to what will be known as the bread and butter of your career.

The firing of a weapon is an important proficiency that every law enforcement official every needs to be in possession of. Familiarizing yourself with the operation of a weapon is important, because although highly unlikely you will ever need to use it in the line of duty it is of the upmost importance to learn because it may save your life one day. A lot of people who enter a police academy have never fired a weapon so the training on a weapon is important to becoming a police officer and being technically proficient.

The operation of a squad car. Driving a squad car requires more technical proficiency than one might think is required because there is a certain way it needs to be driven. You will be taught how to proficiently operate a squad car in any situation to include the operations of all of the lights and sirens in the car.

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