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South Carolina Police Academy Training

In South Carolina, you are required to receive an offer of employment at a police department, correctional facility or other branch of law enforcement in order to attend police academy training. There are about 10,000 police officers working across the state, and only the best of the best are selected to join the force. Candidates are screened along several background checks but it’s also important to have a number of soft skills to do good police work. Only cadets with the right amount of determination, courage and compassion will succeed in their duties as a public servant. It is important for every police officer to play their role in order to set a positive example for the people and communities they serve and protect.

Police Training Qualifications

All police officers in South Carolina must be at least 21 years old, provide a United States birth certificate, and hold a high school diploma or GED. It is also necessary to have your South Carolina driver’s license without restrictions. The only way to gain admission to a police academy is to obtain an offer of employment from a local police department or other law enforcement agency. During the hiring process, the recruiting agency, department and academy will process each applicant with thorough background checks. These background checks assess the medical history, criminal records and psychological profile of each candidate. For medical history and psychological profile, the applicant must be approved for duty and not have any serious complications to their ability to exercise sound judgment or perform the physical acts of police work. For criminal backgrounds, no candidate may be convicted of any felony or serious misdemeanor charges. Once enrolled into the academy, cadets will have to pass a series of evaluations. These are physical and mental. Cadets must complete trials in fitness, strength and speed with adequate results. A written test is provided to determine each cadets’ understanding of police protocol and civil rights. Basic training will begin once the cadet has successfully demonstrated their viability as a new recruit.

Popular Police Academies

There are only two police academies in South Carolina. The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy is based in Columbia and provides basic training to municipal police officers and correctional officers. These types of police are based in a specific region or jailhouse and only have jurisdiction for crimes that pertain to their region. At the same academy, there is anothertype of police training for state troopers and highway patrol officers. These officers have state-wide jurisdiction and handle crimes at the state level, most often patrolling highways and interstates. The second police academy in South Carolina is the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston. This academy is primarily for federal law enforcement training, but some police officers can take courses to continue their education and gain advanced certifications.

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