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Rhode Island Police Training

There are two main places to find police academy training in Rhode Island. One academy is for municipal police officers and the other is for state troopers. There are less than 2,000 police officers working in the state of Rhode Island, which means that competition for new openings on the force may be fierce. Only the best of the best are selected to become officers of the law. The qualities that define a successful police officer are determination, moral fortitude, and compassion. A career in law enforcement is actually a career in public service and the officers that forget their duty to the public suffer on job performance. Becoming a police officer is a long, arduous process and the job is one of the riskiest in the country. But very few positions allow you to make a positive difference in your community on a daily basis like that of policemen and policewomen.

Qualifications for Police Training

In order to become a police officer in Rhode Island, you must first receive an offer of employment from a local department. Each department has different recruiting policies. Once you are selected for service, you will be sponsored by your department to complete training at the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy. The process is the same for becoming a state trooper, though basic will be completed at Rhode Island State Police Academy. All cadets must be at least 21 years old, a United States citizen, and have completed high school or a GED. Background checks are conducted at several points of the application process. Any candidate with a criminal record with felonies or violent and drug-related misdemeanors will be rejected. Cadets are responsible for providing recent medical records and a psychological evaluation that states fitness for police work.

Popular Police Academies

As mentioned above, there are only two police academies available for basic training in Rhode Island. The first is the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy in Lincoln, which trains municipal police officers. Municipal police are the officers that walk patrols, investigate crimes, and ticket traffic violations. These officers are the face of the police presence in local communities and serve a wide range of functions. The second police academy is the Rhode Island State Police Academy in North Scituate. State troopers have a wider jurisdiction than municipal officers. They are responsible for law enforcement at the state level, rather than in a specific city or town. Cadets trained at the state police academy generally go on to become highway patrol officers, enforcing traffic laws on the interstate roads and state highways.

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