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Police Training: Pennsylvania

Becoming a police officer or state trooper in Pennsylvania requires that you complete police academy training at one of the police academies approved by the state. The two boards responsible for determining accreditation are the Municipal Police Officer Education and Training Commission and the Deputy Sheriffs Education and Training Board. Both of these organizations list the approved sites for basic training. These sites are based at department academies and community colleges. Becoming a police officer requires determination. With a lengthy application process, physically-challenging training, and a long list of technical skills to master, police are vetted to permit only the best of the best into service. A career in law enforcement requires a commitment to public service. Only those officers with the necessary courage, compassion, and composure will find satisfaction in the work they do for their community.

Police Academy Training Qualifications

The basic police academy requirements for Pennsylvania police are that each applicant must be at least 18 years old, a United States citizen, and possess a high school diploma or GED. Recruiting agencies will also conduct lengthy background checks on each cadet to determine whether they are fit for service. Any applicant with a criminal history will be rejected from service. This includes violent misdemeanors or drug-related offenses like DUIs. Additionally, each applicant must obtain medical and psychological evaluations from Pennsylvania-licensed practitioners. Medical histories should reveal no health complications that affect the ability to serve the force and psychological evaluations must verify a stable emotional state. Cadets must be able to read at a 9th grade level as verified by a written test provided by the academy. Physical fitness is evaluated through a series of challenges. It is important to be extremely fit in the categories of strength, endurance, and speed to gain entrance into the police academy. To be certified, all cadets must complete basic training at a regional police academy or community college and receive an offer of employment from a local police department. If you can’t get an offer, it may be a good idea to try volunteering at a local department until an opening arrives.

Popular Police Academies

There are a lot of options for police academy training in Pennsylvania. The most popular options are based at community colleges because their law enforcement training academies accept students without offers of employment from a police department. That being said, it may not be useful to complete training if there are no vacancies on the force. Some of the most popular community colleges for basic training are the Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center in Johnstown, Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, and the Temple University in Ambler. For regional police academies, there are even more options. The most popular academies in Pennsylvania are the Pittsburgh Police Training Academy and the Philadelphia Police training Academy.

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