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Police Training: New York

New York has over 50,000 actively employed police officers and each one of them attended one of the dozens of different police academy programs before they joined the force. As a career with the country’s highest on-the-job injury rating, it is extremely important that every police officer is highly trained and experienced. Only those cadets with the right type of motivation find fulfillment in the training and career of a police officer. It takes a motivated, tough, and devoted person to properly serve the community and set a positive example for citizens. Doing the job well means putting the concerns of the people before your own, and the police officers that are most dedicated to their community find the most fulfillment in their work.

GED Qualifications

To become a police officer in New York, there are a few basic prerequisites that all applicants must meet. First, all cadets must be at least 21 years old and legally reside in the United States as a citizen. Second, they must have an unencumbered driver’s license. Third, all cadets must complete the mandatory basic police training requirements for a total of at least 639 hours of instruction. There are several different ways to enroll in basic training, but for the most part, applicants are selected by recruiting agencies and police department hiring agencies. The largest police departments handle their own recruiting needs with affiliated academies, but smaller police departments will accept applicants that have completed basic training at another academy. The most popular academies are based at community colleges and institutions of higher learning. Students can complete their basic training at a community college, but will not be certified as a police officer until they have obtained employment from a police department in New York. The hiring agencies will conduct extensive background checks on all applicants, looking through financial records and criminal histories for red-flags or misconduct. Any cadet with a felony conviction, violent misdemeanor, or drug-related charges will have difficulty gaining admission into an academy or police department.

Popular Police Training Academies

There are a lot of police academies to choose from in New York because of the number of community colleges that offer law enforcement and criminal justice training. Some of the most popular academies are based around the metropolitan area of New York City, including the New York City Police Academy and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York. Each county has its own community college, so finding the nearest academy should be a matter of consulting the State University of New York network. Other popular police academies include the Buffalo Police Academy, the Nassau County Police Academy in Williston Park, and the Suffolk County Police Academy in West Babylon.

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