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There are over 7,500 police officers employed throughout Oklahoma and each one is expected to meet a minimum standard of training requirements set forth by the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. There are a few options for police academies that offer an accredited basic training program, but only the best of the best will be selected to complete their instruction as a peace officer. Because police officers work as public servants, the most important qualities for a successful career are related to communication and moral uprightness. If you are determined enough to make it through training, you must also be prepared for the more challenging aspects of police work once on the job. Officers are expected to set a positive example for their communities by serving those in need with respect and compassion.

Police Academy Training Qualifications

In order to become a police officer in Oklahoma, you must complete basic training at an approved academy. In order to gain entrance to a police academy in Oklahoma, you must apply with a recruiting agency first and receive an offer of employment to begin basic training. All applicants must be at least 21 years old, be a legal citizen of the United States, have a high school diploma or GED, and pass several types of background checks. First, applicants must be able to meet the physical requirements for basic training, which include minimum levels of fitness in strength, endurance, and speed tests. Psychological evaluations must be conducted by state-licensed professionals and submitted to the recruiting agency for approval. The recruiting agency will conduct several types of background checks for each applicant, including medical history, criminal background, and financial history. To make it into the academy, all applicants must have records that are free from criminal convictions for felonies, violent misdemeanors or crimes of moral turpitude. Once the agency has received all of your application materials and background information, they will decide whether you are fit for employment as a peace officer in Oklahoma.

Popular Police Academies

There are only two options for police academies in Oklahoma. Depending on the type of police officer you want to become, each facility will offer distinct advantages for your career. The K.O. Rayburn Training Center is the main location for basic training. Based in Ada, this academy trains municipal police officers and other types of local peace officers. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy is the main training facility for state troopers and highway patrol officers. These types of police focus more specifically on traffic regulation and have a wider jurisdiction to handle many types of crimes at the state level. Depending on which direction you want to pursue as a law enforcement officer, it may be necessary to choose a facility that caters to your career.

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