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There are 24,000 police officers in Ohio and they all attended police academy training at one of the 60 state-accredited police academies distributed across the state. These police training facilities are based at state police academies and community colleges. In order to become a police officer, you will have to pass through a lengthy training period and rigorous background checks. Only the best of the best applicants are selected to move forward and join Ohio’s police force. The individuals that find the most fulfillment in the often dangerous career of a police officer are motivated by the desire to help others. Police are public servants, and as such, they must be compassionate and courageous in order to set a positive example and protect the citizens that rely on them. Most of all, they must be determined and hard-working. Law enforcement is a challenging career, but the rewards can be great for those with the proper mindset.

Police Training Qualifications

There are two basic ways to become a police officer in Ohio. An applicant can either receive an endorsement and offer of employment from a specific police department in a city or town, or an applicant can enroll in basic training courses on their own. In the first case, the cadet will not have to pay for the cost of their law enforcement training and has a salary while completing basic training. For students that enroll in basic training at a community college, they will have to obtain an offer of employment within one year of their graduation or else take a refresher course. If it is over two years before an offer of employment is received, then training must be repeated from the beginning. All cadets must be at least 21 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED. All police officers must be U.S. citizens and have an unencumbered driver’s licensed. Once an application is received, the academy will conduct several types of background checks: medical history, criminal background, and financial history. Any cadet with physical conditions that will prevent them from adequately performing their duties or completing training will be barred from the academy. Any cadet convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanors, like domestic violence or multiple DUIs, will also be rejected from the academy. Financial histories are checked for signs of irresponsible spending habits, like bad credit scores or large outstanding debts.

Popular Police Academies in Ohio

There are a lot of options for police academy training in Ohio. Among the community colleges, state department academies, and other law enforcement training programs, there are a few programs that are more popular than others. For applicants that are interested in becoming state troopers, the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy in Columbus is the best option for basic training. Another option for police academy training in Columbus is the Columbus State Community College Law Enforcement Academy. For applicants interested in basic training near Cincinnati, the Choffin Police Academy handles recruitment for the local police departments. For police training in Cleveland, the most popular option is the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Academy. There are 60 different educational institutions approved to provide basic training for Ohio police officers, so find a program that meets your individual needs. Community colleges are a good option for gaining college credit and specializing your resume for a more rewarding career in law enforcement or criminal justice.

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