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Police Training: New Hampshire

Becoming a police officer in New Hampshire is one of the most direct ways to make a positive difference in the community and help people live safer lives. If you want to become a public servant and start upholding the law, you first have to complete police academy training. New Hampshire has a relatively small police force with only about 4,000 actively employed officers. There are many applicants that want to join this exclusive team of law enforcement officers, but only the ones with the right combination of courage, determination, and compassion are capable of making it onto the force. As one of the riskiest jobs in the country, only those with the proper motivation will make it through the selective process of recruitment and training.

Police Training Qualifications & Requirements

All applicants for the police force must be at least 18 years old, hold a valid driver’s license, and legally reside in the country as a U.S. citizen. Because the staffing needs for New Hampshire’s police departments are so low, it is not possible to enroll in an academy without agency endorsement. All cadets must first be hired by a police department or recruiting agency in order to enroll in basic training. To be picked by an agency, all applicants must pass through rigorous background checks. The first parameter is physical health, and medical records are reviewed in order to determine an applicant’s fitness for police work. Anyone with a condition that will impair their ability to perform their duties or complete training will not be selected for the academy. Next, criminal histories are scoured for any signs of improper conduct. Applicants with any felonies will be removed from the selection group, and there are also red-flags associated with violent misdemeanors and drug-related offenses. Finally, the financial histories of applicants are checked for responsible money-management. Any applicant with a bad credit score or large outstanding debts may be turned away based on the presumption that they may be tempted to abuse their position for personal gain. Once an applicant has passed through all these checks, they can begin training at one of New Hampshire’s police academies. The cost of training is covered by the employing agency, and cadets in training are employed with regular salaries.

Popular Police Academies

There are only two facilities that offer police academy training in New Hampshire. These are both based in Concord. The first is the New Hampshire State Police Academy and the second is the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training facility. These are the only two academies that can provide accredited police training. However, for individuals interested in a career as a correctional officer, there are also recommended programs at community colleges. Investigate your options for a criminal justice degree at the New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI), Great Bay Community College, and River Valley Community College.

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