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Nevada Police Training

Becoming a cop in Nevada requires basic police training to be completed at one of the many police academies across the state. There are about 4,500 police officers stationed throughout the state, and each one of them completed a training program accredited by the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (POST). People that are best-suited for police work have some particular attributes: courage, grit, and empathy. As law enforcement officers, police cannot forget that their primary duties are to protect and serve the community. Those cadets that have the right type of motivation are eager to complete their training and get out on the streets to make a difference for the public good.

Police Training Requirements

The basic qualifications for police academy training require that applicants be legal citizens of the United States, hold a valid driver’s license, and be at least 21 years old. All applicants must graduate from a POST-certified academy. If the applicant is already hired by a recruiting agency, the agency will help with the application and training process. Each cadet is given a series of tests and subjected to several types of background checks. The tests include written tests on policing protocol, civil rights, and ethics. After these, cadets are evaluated through physical tests on fitness and strength. If any applicant has demonstrated health concerns during medical exams or in their medical history, they will be denied from basic training on the grounds of the risks to their health. The background checks that police academies conduct are extensive. Many applicants experience setbacks due to their records, and in particular, it is their financial history that bars them from the academy. Any applicant with a criminal history that includes a felony, a violent misdemeanor like domestic abuse, or drug-related charges (including DUIs) will have difficult passing through the selection process.

Popular Police Academies

The police academies in Nevada are regionally distributed with a high density around the most popular urban centers. The Las Vegas area hosts its own police academies, and a large portion of municipal police officers are trained at the Las Vegas Metro Academy or the North Las Vegas Police Department Training Center. The other main center for police academy training in Nevada is the area around Reno and Carson City. These facilities offer more diverse types of training, and some law enforcement officers that complete basic at these locations are qualified to serve as state troopers and park rangers. For the most part, academies will only select recruits that are already employed by an agency. But if you are not already employed with an agency, the best places to train are the Las Vegas Law Enforcement Academy, the Silver State Law Enforcement Academy, the Southern Desert Regional Police Academy, or the Western Nevada State Peace Officer Academy. There are many options for training, but everyone’s path to a career in law enforcement is unique. Taking the time to plan out your career path will give you a greater awareness of your goals and ambitions, making you a much better applicant.

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