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Nebraska Police Training

There are over 3,500 police currently working in Nebraska and each of these officers received their police academy training at one of three institutions for basic training in the state. The job of a police officer is a challenging one, with the country’s highest on-the-job injury rating and an inherently dangerous set of responsibilities. The types of candidates that are best suited for police work are motivated by a desire to help the members of their community. This requires bravery, determination, and an upright moral character. The extensive screening process is designed to make it a selective team of state law enforcers and only the best of the best can move forward in a police career.


In order to become a police officer, recruits must meet a few basic requirements. All cadets must be at least 21 years old, hold U.S. citizenship, and have a valid driver’s license or be able to obtain one. Past these, the application pool is thinned by the academy admissions board. There are several parameters that recruits are measured by, and all new cadets will be subjected to medical evaluations, written tests, physical trials, and thorough background checks. Any cadets with a medical condition that limits their ability to complete training and perform their duties on the job will be removed from basic. The written tests evaluate cadets’ understanding of civil rights and policing protocol. Physical trials will determine the strength, speed, and endurance of all new recruits, and some tests on hearing and vision may be administered. The background checks are considered one of the most important steps to admission, and many cadets are turned away based on the results of their background checks. Any cadet with a felony, violent misdemeanor, or drug-related charge such as possession or DUI may be turned away from basic training. Financial histories are also important, and any applicant that is found to have bad credit or large, outstanding debts may be removed from consideration. It is extremely important that every cadet is genuinely motivated to uphold the law and not abuse their power for personal gain.

Popular Police Training Academies

There are fewer options for police training in Nebraska compared to other states. The main locations for basic training are Grand Island and Lincoln. In Grand Island, the main academies for police and state troopers are based in a shared facility. The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) and the Nebraska State Patrol Training Academy (NSPTA) are both based in the area. The NLETC is where recruits go to be trained as municipal police officers and offers several types of training. The NSPTA is where state troopers are trained with a focus on traffic regulation and highway enforcement. Consider the type of police officer you want to become before choosing to enroll in either program.

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