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Montana Police Training

Becoming a police officer in Montana requires that you complete basic training at one of the state’s police academies. There are many opportunities for employment as a public safety officer in Montana, and job listings are diverse: police officer, campus security, state correctional officer, game warden, highway patrol officer, and more. There are only about 2,000 police officers employed across the whole state, so positions are waiting to be filled. Working as a police officer should not just be a means to make a living wage; there are many aspects of the job that make it more difficult than any other position in the country. Even the training can be extremely challenging, and only the cadets with genuine interest and commitment to public service make it through the gauntlet of basic. Police officers are upstanding members of their communities, and should take pride in the services they are providing to the public.

Police Training Qualifications

There are several prerequisites required for applicants submitting to Montana police academies. First, all applicants must be at least 18 years old, official citizens of the United States, and have graduated high school or completed an equivalent degree. Cadets are subjected to rigorous background checks to determine their moral character and criminal history. The types of crimes that will disqualify applicants are felonies and certain types of misdemeanors. In particular, violent misdemeanors like domestic violence and drug-related charges like DUIs or possession will be grounds for rejection. Other considerations include financial history, and the academy screens applicants based on their credit scores and outstanding debts. This functions to reduce the likelihood of accepting individuals that may be tempted to abuse their power for personal gain and financial reward. Moral character is extremely important to good police work. Physical condition is also important, and health screenings are required before entering into basic training. Any cadet that has health conditions that may compromise their abilities to act as an officer or complete training will not be allowed further into the program.

Popular Police Academies

There are fewer options for police academies in Montana than in other states. This is good and bad, because the pool of applicants is slightly smaller in Montana and the limited selection makes choosing an academy much easier. All training options are based around Helena. For cadets interested in becoming a municipal police officer or other types of locally-based public safety officers, the Montana Law Enforcement Academy is the main location for basic training. For cadets more interested in working as a state trooper, basic training can be completed at the Montana State Highway Patrol Academy.

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