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Michigan Police Training

Michigan Police Training

Michigan has many more options for police academy training than most other states because community colleges are capable of providing accredited basic training for cadets. Completing police training through these institutions also provides college credit in most cases. There are other options with larger police departments as well. In Michigan, there are over15,750 police officers employed and the average salary is approximately $53,000. The types of individuals best suited for police work are hard-working, morally-upright, and take pride in providing public service. The job is one of the most life-threatening and officers that do not take great satisfaction in protecting the members of their community will quickly burn out. It is a difficult career and requires rigorous training, and those cadets with the right type of motivation will get through training with the least difficulty.

Police Training Qualifications

To become a licensed police officer in Michigan, all cadets must meet two basic requirements: complete the designated training requirements while complying with MCOLES minimum selection standards, and obtain employment at a law enforcement agency as an officer. Basic training requirements can be met in several ways. Community colleges offer two-year and four-year degree tracks, or more traditionally, police academies offer basic training programs. Community colleges are a good choice for applicants that have not received on offer of employment by a Michigan law enforcement agency and can also help individuals get ahead in their career with a college degree. The minimum qualifications to work as a police officer are a high school diploma or GED, a valid driver’s license, and citizenship in the United States. There are several background checks conducted on applicants. Criminal and financial histories are scoured for inconsistencies. Any record of felony, violent misdemeanor, or drug-related misdemeanor will bar an applicant from admission to the academy. Bad credit scores and large, outstanding debts will also remove an applicant from consideration.

Popular Police Academies

As mentioned before, there are many options for training institutions. Among the community colleges, some of the most popular choices for police training are the Grand Rapids Community College Police Academy, Lansing Community College, and the Kellogg Community College Police Academy. State universities offer the same type of law enforcement and criminal justice degrees, with an extremely popular program at Michigan State University. For municipal police academies, there are several options as well, but the most popular include the Flint Police Academy and Detroit Metropolitan Police Academy. The Wayne County Sheriff Department Training Center is also a large training institution and operates a separate academy for its cadets.

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