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Maryland Police Academy Training

There are many options for police academy training in Maryland. With almost 15,000 officers actively employed throughout the state, there is a high level of competition for new positions on the force. This is one reason why there are so many different academies available and more classes were initiated to accommodate more recruits. The police officers who find the most career fulfillment and ultimately succeed are motivated by their passion for public service. The police profession has the highest risk of on-the-job injury and because of this working condition, there is an extensive training period and strict selection process. Police academies are only seeking candidates with the necessary courage, moral fortitude, and determination to become upstanding police officers.


To become a police officer, a high school diploma or GED is required. Cadets must be at least 21 years old and hold a driver’s license. Only legal U.S. citizens can become police officers. During the application process, there are frequent background checks of several different varieties. Health records are extremely important, and cadets are screened based on their medical histories. Any applicant that is found to have serious health complications will not be allowed to train and cannot serve their duties as a police officer to the full extent. Fitness evaluations are also required. Strength, endurance, and agility are determining factors of a cadet’s capabilities as an officer. Criminal backgrounds are crucial to the application process, and no cadet with serious transgressions on their record will be accepted. Drug-related and violent misdemeanors are red-flags, and convicted felons will be immediately rejected. Financial histories are also important to deciding whether an applicant will uphold their duties as a law enforcer. Applicants with bad credit scores are usually not accepted into police academies, as they are more likely to be tempted into compromising positions or abuse their power as an officer for personal gain.

Popular Police Training Academies

There are about twelve police academies across the state of Maryland. The majority of academies are based around the Baltimore area, but there are many options elsewhere. Some options for basic training near Baltimore include the Baltimore County Training Academy, the Maryland State Police Training Division in Pikesville, Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission in Woodstock, and the Baltimore Police Department Education and Training Division in Owings Mill. Other academies located throughout the state include the Western Maryland Police Academy in Hagerstown and the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy in Faulkner. Because of Maryland’s proximity to Washington D.C., there is also a federal law enforcement training academy nearby: the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy. The application process for federal officers is much different and even more selective, but it is still an option to be considered for career police officers.

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