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Police Academy Kentucky

Kentucky Police Training Academy

All police in Kentucky must complete police academy training at one of three facilities. There are many reasons to become a police officer, but only those with proper motivation can find fulfillment in the job they do. As one of the most dangerous jobs in America, becoming a police officer requires courage, determination, and high moral standards. There are approximately 6,500 actively-employed police in Kentucky, and joining the force is only possible after a lengthy screening process and instruction period. The rewards are numerous, with an average salary of $41,000, plentiful employment benefits, and the opportunity to make a difference in your community and spread positive influence on a regular basis. This line of work is not for everyone, and the application process is designed to weed out those who are not meant for it.


In order to become a police officer, you must be at least 21 years old, legally reside in the United States, and hold a valid driver’s license. With these basic prerequisites, it is possible to receive a job offer from the state and then begin training. There are several evaluations conducted on new cadets: physical, mental, and moral. The physical tests include vision checks, hearing tests, and basic medical scans to find any health complications that may affect a cadet’s ability to perform their duty. There are also extensive physical trials in strength and endurance. Every cadet must pass a written test to verify their understanding of civil rights and proper police protocol. Academy boards will also screen applicants based on their criminal backgrounds and financial histories. Any candidate with a history of violence, such as domestic abuse, or drug-related incidents like multiple DUIs or substance abuse will have difficulty entering the academy. The admissions board also checks details from financial history, such as credit score or debt totals, to prevent any conflicts of interest in serving the law.

Popular Police Academies

There are only three places to apply for accredited police training in Kentucky. These are the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice in Richmond, the Louisville Police Department Academy, and the Kentucky State Police Training Academy in Frankfort. Depending on the type of officer you want to become, you will have to select one of these institutes for your basic training. Cadets that want to join the municipal police force must attend training at a Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice facility or the Louisville Police Department Academy. Applicants that are interested in becoming a state trooper must apply to the Kentucky State Police Training Academy.

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