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Job Opportunities for Law Enforcement Graduates

As a recent graduate of one of the many law enforcement academies you will have the basic tools to be successful in a myriad of law enforcement positions. Recent graduates of a regular police academy you will be able to apply to municipal police departments, city police departments, sheriff’s departments in some instances and in some other instances highway patrols or state law enforcement.

Most recent police academy graduates will be employed as patrol or beat cops for a a township or city in the local police department. These are great positions to start out in as rookies because they give you the opportunity to expand upon the skills you recently picked up at the academy. As a recent academy graduate you can expect to work long hours and starting off in the bottom of a rank structure. These jobs make good places to start because you are gaining valuable experience that you could possibly use to jump to a bigger department in the future or to even get promoted in the future.

Some recent police academy graduates will go on to sheriff’s offices. A sheriffs department is responsible normally for a whole county or territory. A sheriffs departments jurisdiction normally is a lot bigger than that of a township. As a rookie cop at a sheriffs office you can expect to handle traffic supervision in areas that aren’t covered by one local police force or the other, you can also expect to be assisting local police forces in whatever assistance they may require from your department as the governing law enforcement agency in that area. This is also a good place for a rookie cop to start because you will gain experience in covering large area turfs and working with other departments.

Some recent graduates who have received at least an associates degree in criminal justice or something similar will be able to receive jobs as state highway patrol, state troopers or another state run law enforcement department. These jobs will a lot of times be awarded to someone who is a little more educated than just the 21 year old fresh rookie cop who just has a high school diploma. Work you would be doing in these departments is depending on which department you are working in and what area you have been assigned to. The outlook for recent police academy graduates is bright and there will always be a need for cops and other law enforcement in the future.

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