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Iowa Police Training Academy

There are three main options for police academy training in Iowa. These academies are designed to train each distinct branch of the state’s law enforcement officers. Whether you are going to become a police officer or state trooper, you will need to pass through the same basic screening during the application and training process. Becoming a police officer is one of the best ways to make a significant difference in your community and make real changes in the quality of life for the public that you serve. It is also one of the most dangerous careers in the world, with a higher on-the-job injury rating than any other position. There are just over 5,000 officers actively employed throughout Iowa, and becoming part of this team requires determination, courage, and moral responsibility.


The basic qualifications required for police officers in Iowa are that all cadets must be at least 21 years old, legally reside in Iowa, and hold a valid driver’s license without more than one DUI on record. The application process has several more filters, and all cadets are screened for physical health, criminal background, and financial history. Applicants are evaluated in vision, hearing, and health exams to make sure all cadets are free from conditions that may cause complications in the line of duty. There are rigorous physical trials to test strength, endurance, and determination. The criminal background check should not reveal any violent misdemeanors, like domestic abuse, and drug-related charges will be scrutinized closely. No cadet may have any felonies on their record. When police academies sort through financial histories, the main assessments are related to credit score and debt totals. There are many cadets turned away from the force because their finances are not in proper order and they’re determined to be liabilities on payroll.

Popular Police Academies

The main police academies in Iowa are the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy, the Iowa Department of Public Safety Academy, and the Cedar Rapids Police Academy. These institutions train the main body of cadets across the state. The Iowa Department of Public Safety Academy accepts candidates for the Iowa State Police, whereas the other academies are for police officers and detectives. The Iowa Law Enforcement Academy is based in Johnston, but there are other options across the state. The Cedar Rapids Police Academy trains cadets for the Cedar Rapids police force, but there is also the Des Moines Police Academy. The Des Moines Police Academy is particularly popular, as it is based in the largest urban center in the state.

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