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Police Training Academy Indiana

Indiana Police Training Academy

There are fewer options for police academy training in Indiana than in other states across the country. This may be due to the lower number of officers employed there, where the police force numbers at approximately 11,000 officers. Another reason may be the extensive amount of training required, with over 600 hours of coursework and instruction needed to complete basic. This mandatory training will be essential to performing law enforcement duties with the utmost efficiency and safety. As one of the most dangerous jobs, there is a higher risk of on-the-job injury than any other position in the country. But these risks are necessary to protect and serve the communities that rely on police officers for order and security. There are not many other occupations that allow you to make a significant and apparent difference in the world on a daily basis, and police officers that take pride in the positive influence they contribute are often the most fulfilled.


In order to become a police officer in Indiana, you must be at least 21 years old, possess a valid driver’s license, and legally reside within the country. Recruits are screened through physical examinations and evaluations, background checks on criminal and financial histories, and their background knowledge on the field of law enforcement. Physical exams assess applicants’ vision, hearing, and reflexes. The fitness evaluations are wide ranging, and each cadet will be required to pass trials in strength, endurance, and speed. For the evaluation of law enforcement knowledge, the academy provides a written test that covers subjects such as civil rights and proper police conduct. Background checks on financial records will reveal applicants’ credit histories, and those with poor credit scores may be turned away from the academy. For criminal history, any recruit with a violent misdemeanor or drug-related crime will have difficulty getting in, and those recruits with felonies on their records will be denied in almost every circumstance.

Popular Police Academies

As mentioned before, there is only one police academy in Indiana that is accredited to provide basic training to police officers in the state: the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. This training institute is based in Plainfield, but there are other locations for cadets to receive certain parts of training. These local academies can provide in-service training and additional basic training. Some of the most popular academies of this type are the Indiana State Police Academy in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Academy, and the Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Gary. Some cadets choose to pursue college degrees while training for the force, and this can be accomplished at the Indiana University Police Academy in Bloomington. This is a good idea for officers that plan to move further in their law enforcement careers and attain higher positions on the force.

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