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How to Pick the Finest Police Academy

If you approach selecting a police academy the way you would select a college a new home or make any big decisions in life then you will find the finest academy available.

One thing that you should definitely consider when selecting a college or police academy is over all cost to you. If you have already been offered a position by a police department then you will have little to none of the cost incurred when you attend your academy training class. If you have yet to be offered a position by a police department or you are just considering going through the academy or college before you apply to a department then you will have to foot the bill. If you choose to go to college or the academy first then you should see if there is any scholarships, financial aid or payment plans available to help alleviate the burden of paying for the schooling.

The second thing that you may need to consider is curriculum. Considering curriculum consist of far more than what you will be learning in law enforcement training. The curriculum of a school also consist of things such as accreditation and acceptance. Is this school accredited? Will the municipality or city for which I wish to seek employment accept my training here?  The last thing anybody wants is to go through an academy class just to find out that school isn’t accredited and the training wont be accepted anywhere. What if you wanted to work for the Chicago police department and you went to an accredited police academy but they didn’t cover everything that the Chicago police department feels that you should learn and Chicago doesn’t accept that training. What do you do then? Curriculum is important to consider when you are looking at schools.

Another big factor to cover when selecting a school is what kind of schooling do you want. Do you want to go into the 12 week police academy training class or do you want to pursue you associates or bachelors degree in criminal justice. When you come to this decision you are considering time and future career possibilities. In this day and age there could be some limitations to where you can apply for work because in the competitive job market a lot of departments are requiring that you posses at least an associates degree in criminal justice or the equivalent to be considered for employment.

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