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How Efficient are State Law Enforcement Academies

State law enforcement academies are a convenient option for departments to send new recruits to for their initial police academy training. When the state runs the initial training class it takes burden off of the different municipalities or counties having to give up personnel to train or money to send recruits to academies.

State run police academies will educate cadets in the curriculum required by a basically trained officer in that state. A state academy covers all of the basics of any police department, sheriffs department or other state run law enforcement training requirements.

The advantage of a state police academy is that it ensures that officer A who is from Orlando isn’t getting a better education than officer B who is from a small town with a smaller police department. State academies assure uniform training across the board for all parties involved and ensures that even the smaller and more economically disadvantaged areas can provide sufficiently trained officers to serve and protect across the state. A state run academy allows the state to have over sight on the training and equipping of officers and the ability to make sure that all new officers really posses that skills to pass the state mandated certifications and licensing exams.

State facilities provide a lot of upside also. One or two centralized training facilities for an entire state allow for less taxpayer money to be tied up in the training of police officers. A state facility also allows for all of the different cities and counties within the state to keep a bigger piece of their budgetary allocation when they don’t have to open their own police academy or pay to send new police recruits to a private police academy.

State run facilities are definitely more efficient.  State run facility will provide for a streamlined and uniform training process across the whole state giving the state government oversight into the training process. A state police academy ensures that all officers receive the same basic training regardless of the economic situation of whatever municipality they are coming from. The state facility will also alleviate the burden to tax payers buy saving the state money while allowing the different cities and counties to focus smaller parts of their budgets on sending recruits to academies or funding a police academy.  Allowing for a uniform process makes a state academy the most efficient way to go because they can have complete oversight and control over the environment.

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