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Georgia Police Training Academy

Becoming a police officer in Georgia is a great way to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others throughout your community. With over 20,000 police officers employed throughout the state, there are many opportunities available for law enforcement positions. In order to be enrolled in a police academy, all cadets must first be sponsored by a police department or sheriff’s office. Those who are best suited for police work are of an outstanding moral caliber and are driven by the desire to make positive changes in their community. Because of the physical challenges and serious dangers faced on a regular basis, becoming a police officer requires determination and courage.


All cadets must be at least 21 years old, hold a valid driver’s license, and be legal residents of the United States. Beyond these standard qualifications, there are a battery of evaluations that must be completed to be accepted into a police academy. Firstly, all cadets must take a written test to determine their intellectual capabilities and background knowledge of law enforcement. Secondly, there are a number of physical requirements that must be met before training can begin. These are tested through a series of trials and some are less demanding than other. Vision, hearing, and reflex tests are the simplest, but fitness evaluations will require a degree of preparation. Finally, the moral standing of each cadet is evaluated based on their criminal records and psychological profile. Any candidate with a history of violent crimes (such as domestic abuse) or drug trafficking will not be accepted into the academy.

Popular Police Academies

There are about 15 options for police academies in Georgia. These are based in state police academies, federal training facilities, and technical schools. The majority of these options are located around Atlanta, with roughly half of the academies based near the capitol. Some facilities in the Atlanta-area include the Atlanta Police Academy, the Gwinnett County Police Academy, and the DeKalb Police Academy. The options at technical and community colleges will also be useful for applicants who are interested in continuing their educations with relevant college credit. Some of the most popular options for these types of institutions are the Armstrong State College Regional Criminal Justice Training Center and the DeKalb Technical College Law Enforcement Academy. Choosing between the centers will be made simpler after receiving an offer for employment from a police department, as they will specify the type of training and the institutions required for it.

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