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Police Academy Training Florida

Police Training Academy Florida

Florida has many more options than other states for police academy training because the state has a different recruitment process for its officers. Cadets are responsible for the cost of their own training and education, instead of being hired onto payroll during training. This can make the certification process more costly, but gives a greater independence of choice to potential cadets. With over 35,000 police officers currently employed in Florida, the state’s police force is one of the largest in the country. Though cadets are not paid until actively employed, the police officers in the state make an average salary of $56,000. The types of individuals best suited to the work of a police officer have a high moral caliber and take pride in the work they do. As public servants, the well-being of the average citizen should be a top priority to every officer.


Though the system functions differently in Florida, the same basic qualifications are expected of all police cadets before they are accepted into training. All applicants must be at least 21 years old, hold a driver’s license, and have completed high school. Because the police academy programs are based at community colleges, there may be stricter admission requirements based on academic history at the most popular academies. There will also be less academic requirements such as physical evaluations and fitness tests. All police officers are expected to meet standards on vision, hearing, and reflex tests. Further, physical fitness will be evaluated through many different trials. A written test will also be administered to new cadets in order to evaluate their critical thinking and background knowledge on law enforcement. Once accepted by the police force, recruits will be scrutinized through background checks to discover their psychological and moral stability. Any cadet with a criminal history will not be accepted.

Popular Police Academies

Florida’s police academies are many in number, as they are part of the extensive community collegesystem in the state. Community colleges that offer law enforcement classes are responsible for graduating the police cadets that will be recruited onto the force by the state. Some of the most popular police academies are the Florida Correction Academy, the Florida Highway Patrol Training Academy, the Metropolitan Police Institute, the Miami Police Training Center, and the Northeast Florida Criminal Justice and Education Center. With so many options available, it will be most efficient to do thorough research on the training centers available in your region. Programs offer their students college credit for the courses they complete, so getting a college degree may also be a useful aspect of police training.

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