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Do You Have What it Takes to be in Law Enforcement.

If you have decided to become a law enforcement officer you have already made the first step. There are several things that one must consider before attempting to become a member of the law enforcement community.

First one must consider the basic requirements such as the possession of a valid United States driver license, after all police officers drive around on patrol serving and protecting their communities. One must also posses a certain level of maturity often gained by age, most jurisdictions require you to be at least 21 years of age prior to applying to become a police officer or for admission to the police academy. You must also be a legal resident of the United States.

A certain degree of moral fiber will be required to gain your employment as a basic law enforcement officer. You must be and upstanding citizen and a solid member of your community. You should be a willing participant in your community or the community for which you are assigned to serve and protect. In addition to being an upstanding citizen there will be a full criminal history background check conducted and you will be eliminated from the hiring process with any felonies committed since you have reached the age of 18, for any domestic violence convictions or any drug related offenses. You are basically ineligible for a position as a law enforcement officer if you have been convicted of anything more than a minor traffic offense.

Education is key in the times we live in. Most municipalities will require that you be in possession of at least a of high school diploma to secure employment. Presently some municipalities are starting to require further education past just having a high school diploma, an associates degree or bachelors degree in criminal justice will surely help you and definitely help your career in the future. You will also be required to attend the police academy and satisfactorily pass the training presented to you there which is basic law enforcement practices and techniques. Be in excellent to superior physical condition will certainly help.

In to be in law enforcement you need a valid license, to be 21 years of age, pass background check, have a minimum of a high school diploma, be physically fit, and pass the police academy.

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