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Police Training Academy Delaware

Delaware Police Training Academy

Though there are fewer options in Delaware, there are several police academies that can provide adequate training for cadets. As a relatively tiny state, the number of law enforcement officers is lower than others. There are only about 2,000 police officers across the state, but the need for new recruits remains the same. The type of person best suited for the work of law enforcement is courageous, generous, and of high moral caliber. The hours are long and it is one of the most dangerous positions in terms of on-the-job injuries, so the motivation to do a good job must come from within. As a public servant, there are many opportunities for rewarding interactions with the community and the chance to make a difference in society comes regularly in the line of work.


In order to become a police officer in Delaware, there are a few qualifications required of all applicants. All cadets must be at least 21 years old, legally reside within the United States, and hold a valid driver’s license. Educational requirements include at least a high school diploma or GED, though a college education will help the chances of admission. Once accepted into the academy, there are a few tests to filter the most qualified cadets from the larger pool. These tests are physical, mental, and moral. The academy will conduct vision tests, hearing tests, and fitness tests to determine physical capabilities. There is a written test which evaluates cadets’ knowledge base and ability to think critically or solve problems in a timely manner. The moral test is conducted in the form of a background check and other personality tests. Academy officials check the criminal history of all applicants for felonies and violent or drug-related misdemeanors.

Popular Police Academies

There are four main police academies in Delaware. The state trains its state-troopers at the Delaware State Police Academy in Dover. This option is best for cadets seeking to become state troopers, whose duties are more closely tied to highway patrol and interstate-level crimes. For training as a local police officer, there are more options. At the Wilmington Police Academy and New Castle County Police Academy, cadets are trained to become fully-functioning police officers to serve local communities and the state at large. The fourth option offers a useful middle-ground for all candidates. At the University of Delaware Law Enforcement Training Program in Wilmington, students can get a college education and training in law enforcement. This is a useful option for those candidates who are uncertain of which path they desire and want to build their professional resume while they get a better idea.

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