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Police Training Academy Connecticut

Connecticut Police Training Academy

Seeking police academy training in Connecticut is one of the best ways to begin a fulfilling career protecting and serving those who are in need. Police officers are public servants with a commitment to upholding the many laws that keep society running smoothly. With duties ranging from traffic tickets to homicide investigations, the job of a police officer can change many times over the course of a single career. In Connecticut, there are about 7,500 police officers making an average salary of $65,000. This is a relatively high wage for police officers in America, so enrolling in police academy training could be a step towards a well-paying career in law enforcement. But the rewards of a career as a public servant greatly outnumber the financial gain. Becoming a police officer is a calling for those who want to directly influence the well-being of those in their community and the communities they serve.


The basic qualifications to enroll in any police academy are that each applicant is at least 21 years old, has a high school diploma, has a valid driver’s license, and is a taxpaying American citizen. The training program in Connecticut is approximately 22 weeks in length and has a series of requirements. Applicants are given an initial, written test whichis designed to test them on their basic knowledge of police work and general cognitive abilities. There will also be a complete background check to ensure that there is no history of felonies or violence/drug-related misdemeanors. After successfully passing these tests, the applicant is added to a list of eligible cadets and then a law enforcement unit hires the cadets it needs. Once hired, training begins. All cadets must complete their Basic Training before working as a police officer. The requirements for completing training include a grade of at least 70% in all 17 of the different subjects and passing each part of the skills test series.

Popular Police Academies

In Connecticut, there is only one police academy that is responsible for providing Basic Training Programs to new recruits. The Connecticut Municipal Police Training Council is located in Meriden and 90% of the state’s police go through this institution. The rest of the cadets are trained at one of four satellite academies related to the main one. All academies are organized under the Police Officer Standards and Training Council, otherwise known as POST. Once past the initial application stage, the cadet will be assigned to a training facility through the POST system.

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