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Conduct as a Law Enforcement Officer

Conduct as a law enforcement officer can make or break your career. Conduct is of upmost importance for you the community you serve the profession as a whole and your career.

There are several things that you must know and do in order to properly conduct yourself in your law enforcement career. First you must always remember your major mission is to serve and protect. Serving you are supposed to be a pillar of your community, instilling trust and confidence. You should always go beyond the call of duty provided exemplary service by doing things such as not only enforcing but setting the example of the safety rules and regulations by following them yourself. You should provide effective, efficient and impartial law enforcement services to every member of society. You must remember that you are the face of a community and you are what you see when people think about the safety and security in your neighborhood. Never base any law enforcement decisions on things like race, gender, nationality, religion or social class.

Protecting the community is also a major role. Your are branded the finest for a reason. You must always conduct yourself on or off duty in a matter becoming of your position, but also in a manner according to the Constitution of the United States of America. Never abuse your authority, when people see that the think of someone on a power trip which will make them view the local police department with an air of distrust. Always act with complete and total fairness towards everyone you come in contact with on the daily basis. Act with integrity. Integrity goes a very long way in any walk of life.

Conducting yourself as a law enforcement officer requires a lot of thought and fore thought into any given situation. You need to practice constantly being aware of who you are, where you are and what you are doing. A police officer must always be in line with the law whether on and off duty. Law enforcement officers are the image of the law and are sworn to uphold it. Acting with impartiality and sound judgement will take a career a long way. If you always remember that someone is watching and that some little child somewhere wants to be you one day. By following the simple standards of your department and the oath you took upon graduation from your respective police academy you can go along way serving your community.

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