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Colorado Police Training Academy

There are many options for institutions that offer police academy training in Colorado. With over 9,000 officers employed across the state, there are new recruits added to the force every day. Colorado is one of the best states to seek employment as a police officer, with an average salary higher than most in other states at $63,000 per year. With about 20 locations, training academies will provide the necessary training for cadets to become fully-fledged police officers. There are a great number of skills covered in training, but the most important aspect of training is developing familiarity with the proper protocols. The individuals best suited for police work will be motivated not by financial gain, but instead by the desire to make a difference in society. As a position that allows you to positively influence a great variety of people, the police officer is a public servant just like many other service positions.


The qualifications for enrolling in police academy training in Colorado are the same as national regulations. All applicants must be at least 21 years old, hold a valid driver’s license and high school diploma, and legally reside within the United States. The first screening process is a written test which determines applicants’ understanding of basic law enforcement and other intellectual capabilities. Once this has been completed, there are physical tests to evaluate applicants’ sharpness and fitness. These tests include vision tests, hearing tests, and rigorous physical trials. Past these basic job parameters, there are many ethical and moral concerns in hiring police officers. Therefore, all police academies and training agencies will conduct thorough background checks. Most often, they are looking for crimes related to domestic violence, drug abuse or trafficking, and moral negligence. They also check credit records to determine financial stability.

Popular Police Academies

There are 19 locations currently approved to provide the necessary training and instruction for police officers in Colorado. The largest concentration of police academies is in the Denver area. Some of the most popular academies in that area include the Denver Police Academy, Arapahoe Community College Law Enforcement Academy, Community College of Aurora Law Enforcement Academy, and the Colorado State Patrol Academy. There are also police academies that offer specializations particular to the state’s extensive wilderness. One such academy is the Colorado Division of Wildlife Academy. For academies outside the Denver area, there are a number of community and technical colleges that have law enforcement training programs. Some top choices include the Colorado Northwestern Community College Academy, Morgan County Community College Academy, and the Delta-Montrose Vocational Tech Center Criminal Justice Police Academy.

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