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Police Training Academy California

California Police Training Academy

With over 30 different locations to receive police academy training in California, there are many options for potential officers in the state. Due to the immense size of the state, there are lots of differing types of law enforcement work to be done, with a heavy focus on highway patrol and traffic control. There are over 70,000 police officers in California with an average salary of approximately $85,000. This is a very competitive wage compared to other states’ police forces, so becoming a police officer in California may be a better decision than in other places.


The qualifications for enrolling in police academy training in California are basically the same as in every other state. All applicants must be at least 21 years old, hold a valid driver’s license, have completed high school or an equivalent GED program, and be legal residents of the United States. The first barrier to acceptance is a written test, which evaluates the applicant’s ability to read and perform basic mental functions, as well as their knowledge on fields more relevant to police work. If the applicant passes this test, they are then screened by background checks and medical reports. The background check must prove a clean criminal record, with no history of felony, violent misdemeanor, or drug abuse and trafficking. The physical exam will verify the candidate’s vision, hearing, and medical history to ensure that there will be no complications during training. After this, a fitness evaluation will be conducted. Once all portions of the screening are passed adequately, the candidate will be accepted into the academy to begin their training.

Popular Police Academies

Because there are so many choices in California, it is best to choose a police academy based on location. If this is not a useful parameter, the type of police work you prefer may help narrow the selection. Because California is home to expansive nature, sprawling urban centers, and everything in between, there are many types of law enforcement officers. For example, applicants who are interested in becoming park rangers would be better suited for training at the California Department of Forestry Law Enforcement in Ione. Another very distinct type of law enforcement is highway patrol. The California Highway Patrol Training Academy in West Sacramento can help cadets specialize in motorcycle operation and advanced driving maneuvers for use in high speed pursuit. And of course, there is the more generally applicable cadet education for a wider range of possibilities for career advancement. As one of the most well-known police forces in the country, choosing to train with the LAPD at the Los Angeles Police Department Training Division may be the exact start to a law enforcement career you are seeking.

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