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Attending a Police Academy

The attending of a police academy can be likened to the joining of the military. You aren’t going to proceed to the operating forces without going to boot camp first, what will you know about doing your job? Police academies are designated training grounds for all newly hired police recruits to gain the skills and proficiencies needed. In the police academy you will be taught all the basic skill to be ready to assume a post as a police officer. Police academies are integral to the safety of the public, and the performance of your assigned duties. Police academies work because they provide the basic training in ones chosen profession.

Police academies serve as a boot camp or introduction to the police way of life. From your first day in the police academy you can expect to be trained in the police officer way. From the first second of the first day you will be taught how to wear your uniform, how to right reports and the code of ethics. As you proceed through training you are going to be taught the use of several weapons and proper police procedures. Physical conditioning to make sure you are fit for the task will always be near the top of any police academy training regimen.

Many hours of training will be provided in academics, driving, firearms, human relations, law, physical training and tactics. For most people the training will be a shock and indoctrination into the profession. The way you are trained varies from state to state according the individual states training regulations. Instruction at the academies is normally done by senior police officers that have been certified as police instructors by the state.

Police academies work because the training provides a basic knowledge and understanding of the job. Once you get to your specific department you will be further trained by what your specific departments guidelines and minimum training required. Police academies are normally governed by the rules and regulations of whatever state they are in. Providing uniform training to every police officer recruit that comes through makes sure that everyone that arrives at a new department arrives with the same amount of training putting everyone on the same page. You wouldn’t want to hire a skilled laborer who had no training for the job, so why would you hire a police officer that has never been trained.

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