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Police Training Academy Arkansas

Arkansas Police Training Academy

There are only three institutions in Arkansas that offer police academy training. These three institutions will be the ideal destination for individuals who believe that they can provide the high standards of public service required of police officers. Over the course, cadets will be prepared to face the everyday challenges that arise in society, from traffic regulation to criminal arrests. The police force in Arkansas is staffed by about 5,500 police officers with more joining every year. The average salary for law enforcement agents is about $37,000, which is fairly competitive with most other entry-level positions. Beyond the financial gains and stable employment, there are a number of personal benefits to becoming a law enforcement officer. The people who find the most gratification in the work of law enforcement choose the career because they want to make a difference in the communities they serve.


In order to become a police officer, you must be at least 21 years old, complete high school or an equivalent GED program, have a driver’s license, and legally reside within the United States. During the application process, police academies will conduct thorough background checks on all candidates. Those candidates with criminal histories including felony convictions, violent misdemeanors, or drug-related misconduct will be rejected. After passing the background check, physical exams will be administered. Basic tests of vision and hearing will be provided to the applicants and once passed, the next stage of physical tests begins. These take the form of fitness evaluations. Applicants will be tested on their ability to perform basic fitness routines, such as push-ups or long-distance running. There will also be written tests to evaluate the applicants’ understanding and knowledge of basic law-enforcement protocol, including basic reading and mathematics, general civics, and constitutional rights.

Popular Police Academies

Because there are only three qualified police training academies, there are greater degrees of specialization at each facility. The Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy, located in Camden, is the main destination for police cadets hoping to become municipal police officers, deputy sheriffs, and other types of generalized law enforcement. The Arkansas State Police Training Section in Little Rock is where state troopers receive their training. The third option is less specialized and offers a suitable compromise for potential cadets who are not yet certain which direction they prefer. At Black River Technical College in Pocahontas, students can enroll in a criminal justice and law enforcement training program. Though the process may be more roundabout, getting a college education will also improve the odds of career advancement or positions on the force with better pay and benefits.

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