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Police Training Academy Arizona

Arizona Police Training Academy

There are twelve different locations for police academy training in Arizona. Becoming a police officer can be an important step forward professionally and personally. Taking on the responsibilities of an entire community or even a single patrol route can change the way you experience daily life. Providing guidance to the public, coming to the rescue of those in need, and pursuing violators of the law are all ways that police officers can make positive changes in their environment. It is one of few public service positions that allows for hands-on interaction with the direct causes of public unrest. In Arizona, there are approximately 12,000 active police officers. With an average wage of almost $60,000, these public servants are rewarded on multiple levels: the personal gratification of making a difference and the monetary rewards of a safe career.


All applicants must be at least 21 years old, hold a high school diploma or GED, have a valid driver’s license, and legally reside in the United States to qualify for enrollment in police academy training in Arizona. Past these basic requirements, there are more advanced specifications for background checks and physical or mental characteristics. Any applicant with a criminal history of felony conviction, violent misdemeanor, or drug-related charges will be denied admission. The physical qualifications are determined by the applicant’s abilities on a vision test, a hearing test, and fitness evaluations.

Popular Police Academies

For the most part, all police training academies are located in or to the south of Phoenix. There is only one academy north of Flagstaff, the Navajo Law Enforcement Agency in Ganado. The largest density of police academies in Arizona are in the region surrounding Phoenix. Some of the most commonly applied to institutions include the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy and the Glendale Community College Law Enforcement Training Academy. Further south in the state, the options are more wide-spread. Some choices include the Cochise College Training Academy, the Tucson Police Academy, and the Pima County Sheriff’s Training Academy. Considering that the options range between specialized community college training programs and police academies, there are many different ways to achieve qualification for work as a police officer. Choosing the best program will depend on your financial means, your educational background, and your goals for a career in law enforcement. It may be more useful for ambitious cadets to receive training at a community college, where they can gain the soft skills necessary for career advancement in the world of law enforcement.

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