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Are You Fit for Law Enforcement Training?

Considering yourself fit for law enforcement training consist mostly of ensuring that you are in good physical condition. To ensure that you are ready for the rigorous coursework that is required to be in attendance and graduate from a police academy you should first familiarize yourself with what the minimum requirements for your chosen police academy or desired police department are. You should strive to meet and exceed these requirements before you ever even proceed to the training academy.

The fitness requirements for police officer training:

  • 1.5 mile run in a maximum of 16:00 minutes
  • 300 meter run in a maximum of 73.2 seconds
  • Pushups at least 24 repetitions
  • Agility run maximum of 21.8 seconds
  • Sit-ups minimum of 28 reps

All in all these requirements may not seem overly physical but one must also take into considerations that this is just the minimum requirements. Law enforcement work will place a certain physical burden on your body through out the majority of your career with the addition of your bulletproof vest and other equipment that you will have to carry throughout. One may focus on being able to meet these minimum requirements multiple times in one session then you will know that your body is conditioned enough to proceed with the physical aspect of training.

To consider yourself fit for training you should know you job description and all that it will entail for you when you assume your commission as a certified law enforcement officer. To familiarize yourself with the requirements and details of your day to day work as a law enforcement officer one should request a ride along with the department that you intend to work with. During the ride along you should thoroughly observe the officer you have been partnered with and ask as many questions as needed to make sure you a fully comfortable and understanding of whats expected from you. If after you have taken and done your ride along, you have actually seen what the basis of daily life would be like for you and you still feel that you would like to be a law enforcement office then you should consider yourself fit for the training and proceed. Another helpful tip would be to study local laws and police practices in your area to be ready for any situation that might possibly be presented to you at the police academy.

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