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Alabama Police Academy

There are twelve choices for police academy training in Alabama. They are distributed regionally, with academies in most of the state’s largest urban centers. The nearly 11,000 actively employed police officers in Alabama owe a great deal of their formative experience to these academies. The rewards of a career in law enforcement extend beyond salary and employment benefits.Enrolling in a police academy is one of the best ways to begin a career that is sure to make a difference in the community. Becoming a police officer is a great way to earn respect and serve the people who are in need. There are few public servants capable of changing the community on a daily basis. Whether on patrol or an administrative position, the work of a police officer is what keeps individuals and their families safe. And with an average salary of approximately $40,500, you can expect decent compensation for your time.


There are several qualifications for police trainees in Alabama. To be accepted into a training program, all applicants must be qualified along several guidelines. Firstly, they must pass through intense background checks. Academy officials will be looking closely at both criminal and financial records. Any felony convictions, domestic abuse convictions, or hate crime convictions will disqualify an applicant. A bad credit score will also be a mark against the application. After making it through the background check, all applicants must pass rigorous physical tests on vision, hearing, and most importantly, fitness. Once these are completed, most departments require applicants to pass written tests, which are compared among all applicants to find the most qualified cadets. After being accepted, the candidate is hired by the Alabama Police Department and begins training at their designated police academy.

Popular Police Academies

Some of the most popular police academies in Alabama are located in the center of the state, around Birmingham and Montgomery. Some options in the area are the Birmingham Police Academy, the Alabama Department of Corrections Training Academy, the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission, and the Montgomery Police Academy. There are police academies that operate their own training facilities, and due to their size, these will be more accepting of applicants than others that are part of Alabama’s police recruitment systemnetwork, the APOSTC. These facilities are the Huntsville Police Academy, the Jefferson County Law Enforcement Academy, and the Mobile Police Academy. Choosing your local police department would be the best first choice, but seeking out other locations may help your chances of employment

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